The Immaculata Instituut is located in the centre of a rural village, Oostmalle, in the north of Belgium.

Our institute has about 500 pupils (between 12 and 18 years old) and 70 teachers. It is a school for business and commerce. We also have a fashion department.

We offer our students several options:

Accountancy – Commerce – ICT management – Secretarial skills and languages – Reception skills and public relations – Fashion – Office Management

In this project  23 pupils (5 BI – 5IB) take part.



IES Joaquín Costa

“Joaquín Costa Secondary School is located in a small village in the northeast
of Spain, in a rural area famous for its wineyards and wine production.

There are about 400 pupils both, boys and girls aged between 12 and 18 and 50 teachers.

It is a school for compulsory secondary education (12-16)
and Bachillerato (16-18).  Some vocational studies related to wine making are also
offered here.

20 pupils from 16 to 18 are taking part in this project.

IES J.Costa, Cariñena
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