This project takes place in the months of January till April 2009. In the Belgian school the project will be supervised during the lessons of Dutch. The skills the pupils learn will be used later on in projects of creative writing and in integrated project work (GIP). In the Spanish school most students take part in the project on a voluntarily basis. Not all of the creative chapters were compulsory.

In this project each students will build his own blog, which will be linked to the project’s blog. In this configuration each students will have access to all the blogs.


  This project aims at several objectives:

Creative commons: the students become aware of the existence of internet copyright.

Collaborative learning: the students work independently but at the same time they teach each other in an informal way. The teachers don’t give any frontal step-by-step instructions.

Creativity: creative freedom will be given as much as possible.

Responsibility: each student builds his own blog.

Communication: Spanish and Belgian students work on the same tasks and exchange material and results.

When having done all steps of the project the students are able to build a WordPress blog and add posts. They can modify the header, they can present themselves by means of an embedded slideshow (e.g. using Rock You), they can add a counter. They know the conditions of using online material. They know to use Web 2.0 tools to edit pictures and to integrate the pictures into a blog. They know how to embed polls and RSS-feeds. They know how to make a movie combining pictures with sounds. The know how and where to host movies and embed them into a blog.

The pupils discover creative ways of how to increase Google hits.

At the end, the project will be evaluated by the participants by means of an online survey.

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