Creative chapter 9

Have a look at this short video:

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As you can see only still images have been used. In this case only 3 different images. You may have noticed that sound is more important here.

And here is your challenge. You will have to produce a similar video of about 1 minute and you will have to embed it into your blog.

1. Collect 4 (maximum 5) images you will work with. All the images are under Creative Commons licence (like or you take them yourselves.

Collect sounds as well.  Have a look at You will have to take an account to download sounds. Use your web 2.0 email address.

(Remember the (links to) the name of the authors of the pictures and sounds. You will have to mention them in your post.) 
2. Make a movie of about 1 minute, using a programme like Windows Movie Maker or take a free trial account of one month of
Sony Vegas. Produce your video preferably in a format like wmv.

3. When the movie is ready take an account at  Upload your movie, collect the embedding code for WordPress.

4. Embed the movie into a post in your blog. Write a short article about the resources and software you used and don’t forget to mention the names of the authors of the used media.

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