Creative chapter 4

Let’s write your first post. In fact you prepared it already. (Title ‘Welcome’ – Content: ‘This is my first post. I will edit it later on.’ )

Go to the Dashboard of your blog by entering your login and password at

Go to POSTS – EDIT and click on the title of the post ‘Welcome’. You can edit the post now:

a. Remove the text ‘This is my first post. I will edit it later on.’
b. Paste the code of your slideshow. It should be something like:
[rock yu id=230492856&w=426&h=320]

c. Write underneath this code a short text about yourself and about the project. Also give credit to the person who you took your picture from, for your heading.
E.g. My name is Antonio. In this eTwinning project we will collaborate with a Spanish/Belgian school and explore the world of web 2.0 in a creative way. We hope we can inspire others as well.

The pictures in the slideshow were taken by myself. I chose a part of a basketball as image header, because basketball is one of my favourite hobbies. The picture was taken by TONY ( and made available under the licence of Creative commons:

 Attribution-NonCommercial License


Have a look at it and correct mistakes.
d. Make this first post STICKY. This means that this post will always remain on top.

Go back to your DASHBOARD and select POSTS – EDIT. Point with your mouse immediately under the title of your post (here: ‘Welcome’). Click QUICK EDIT.
Now you can select ‘Make this post Sticky’.
Afterwards click UPDATE POST.


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