Check up

After stages 1-4 it’s time for a check up and a challenge for advanced bloggers.

Something else first: maybe you all should take another ( new) emailaddress that you use for registrations for web 2.0 tools.  

And then the first check up:

We noticed that some of you had some problems with the WIDGETS. Some advice:

1. If you change from sidebar 1 to sidebar 2 (or vice versa) it’s important to press the button ‘SHOW’ as well and to take your time until the blog has loaded all the information. When you have finished your changes, you must press SAVE CHANGES  and then take your time as well.


2. It is not possible to have NO WIDGETS on (one of) your sidebars. Even if you don’t see a widget in your dashboard, the blog will install one by default. So, please follow all the instructions carefully.

3. And now the challenge for advanced bloggers (not compulsary!): put a free counter on your blog on the RIGHT SIDEBAR. Find one  on the internet, paste the code in a ‘text (html)’ widget. Write a post with the title COUNTER and write a short sentence like:

I found my counter at


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