1st bachillerato students/ science

16 years class

16 years class

Hi everybody, although a bit late we also want to say hello and welcome you all to this amazing and challenging project.

We are students from 1st bachillerato that is first of two steps previous to university. It is true that we are not so stressed as our partners of 2nd year Bachillerato (last year at the high school) and so worried for our grades and marks. But we are also very busy with our school trip. We are leaving on the 28th March to Vienne and Prague. Jose Luis, the teacher in charge of this project in Spain is coming with us, together with our teachers of English and Maths.(you can see 2 of them in the photograph).

We definitely find this project very interesting because it gives us the opportunity of  working beyond the classes and the high school, meeting new people and above all working with new ICT resources and communicating in a  common language. Thanks in advance again to Bart and Jose Luis for inviting us to take part in this CREATIVE COMMONS  project. And we hope we can keep on working together, and who knows if one day we can even meet each other


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