2nd year of Bachillerato

Hi everyone! We are the students in 2nd year of Bachillerato who have decided to take part in this e-twinning experience. This is indeed a challenging time for us as this is our last year at school and the grades we get are very important to do the university degree we want to. In June, we take external exams (we do 6 exams in 3 days). They are called Selectividad. Basically, that is why we are a bit stressed at the minute! Still, we thought it was a great idea to take part in this project as it is an excellent opportunity for us to learn how to do our own blog using devices we didn’t even know existed! It is also a brilliant chance for us to meet new people, not to mention the fact that we are using English for a real purpose! We would like to thank Bart and José Luis for organising all this. Thanks a million for your time. We look forward to completing the coming tasks! Nice to meet you all!

2nd Bachillerato

2nd Bachillerato


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